Student Advocacy

Stacy will personally guide families through the process of registering for virtual courses offered at public schools in Missouri. School districts can receive guidance on how to create a smooth enrollment process and develop policies for student success and vendor accountability.

Speaking Engagements for School Leaders and Seminars

Stacy Morse is an experienced and lively speaker who has traveled across Missouri to educate school leaders on their responsibilities. She has presented on numerous topics in education, government, and advocacy.  No group is too small or too large for presentations, including a small group, a school, a legislative hearing, seminars, or large conferences. Stacy provides an informative presentation that will keep audiences engaged. Tailored presentations specific to a cause or district can be developed.


Understanding the legislative process is essential for any advocacy organization. Stacy’s experience in how to advocate includes background information that will inform any group and increase their ability to move their cause forward. 

Professional Development

Stacy’s background in education and working with children who are disadvantaged, provides unique insight in how to handle classroom management.

Stacy worked in the Missouri State Senate for ten years and in public education, including the State Education Department.

Speech Topics

  • “Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program,” Understanding the Virtual Law
  • “Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program,” Enrollment Process and Policies to Consider
  • “Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program,” Core Data and Analysis
  • “Classroom Management,” Education Course
  • “Expanding Pre-K: What it Means for Missouri Families,” MASW
  • “How to be a Lobbyist,” Child and Family Advocacy course
  • “Teachers Working with Parents,” Working with Parents course
  • “Families and School,” Pi Lambda Theta and Foundations of Family Studies course 
  • “Education Issues for Missouri Parent Teachers Association,” Columbia Public Schools