If your child struggles in school, is not challenged or is unhappy at school, this program provides individualized instruction from a certified teacher with multiple years of classroom experience in diverse environments. Assessments and instruction are produced specifically for your child. Student Strategies LLC offers a baseline assessment, individualized goals, private tutoring and a post assessment. Students will have confidence boosted and develop lifelong learning strategies.

Interview parents and Review Records

Student and parents are interviewed to hear about concerns and strengths. Student records are reviewed including IEPs and report cards if applicable. 

Baseline Assessment and Goals

A baseline assessment determines areas of concerns and will show growth when compared to post-assessment. Teacher, parent, and student set goals based on grade-level expectations.

Individualized Lessons and Post Assessment

Unique lessons are created for each child based on his/her interests and academic goals. Post assessment follows the final lesson to measure growth.

  • Goals for preschool to 12th grade are aligned to Missouri Learning Standards for continued success in school.
  • Each unique lesson is specifically geared towards your child’s Zone of Proximal Development, learning style and interests and the goals determined by parent and teacher.
  • Goals are measurable and re-assessed to ensure strides are made in student learning.
  • Behavior intervention plans and modeling of positive reinforcement are designed based on individual needs.
  • Assistance with college applications, job applications, and resume packages based on strengths.
  • Manipulatives (blocks, puzzles, coins) make learning fun and maintain the student’s interests, reinforcing the lessons.
  • Lessons are developed for each student to make learning meaningful to him or her.
  • Individualized interview and assessments determine area of concern and measure growth​.

The Student Strategies, LLC classroom is located in Jefferson City overlooking the Missouri River. Parents can drop-off their student or relax in the waiting area. In-home tutoring is available in Columbia provided teacher and student are in a quiet area with no distractions. Virtual tutoring is available if students have a secure, high-speed connection.

Student Strategies, LLC individualized learning space.