Professional Reviews

  • “Stacy’s goal is to ensure every program she administers is of the highest instructional quality, and she works to create an internal environment of continuous improvement, effective programming, and efficient business operations.” John R., former supervisor at DESE

Student Reviews

  • “Stacy makes learning fun.” Audrey K., age 8 
  • “I wish Stacy was here to do math with me.” Rivers W., age 6 
  • “I think you are a great teacher. I will miss you in 6th grade. Renaldo F., age 11 
  • “You are the best teacher I ever had.” Johanna G., age 10 
  • “You were nice and you will never leave our mind. You are the nicest teacher we could find.” Trevor J., age 11 
  • “I worked with Ms. Morse during the summer of 2016. Our meetings focused on resume building. The results of those meetings spoke for themselves several months later when I was attending a resume workshop through Americorps and Teach for America. Every once in a while I’d turn my head to see my coworkers writing down formatting instructions for their resumes. I would have also been writing these suggestions had Ms. Morse not already pointed them out to me in our meetings. Once I completed the resume workshop, it was clear by the lack of changes to be made that Ms. Morse did a thorough, precise, and careful job helping construct my resume. I am grateful for the professional guidance of Ms. Morse and the support it has provided me in my work as a literacy tutor for Americorps.” Greg B., age 21